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We put customers first! Step into your very own pool paradise with our professional swimming pool services.

We can cover just about every aspect of pool maintenance, including water testing, filter cleaning, and pool maintenance for both commercial and residential swimming pools.

Our team offers two levels of service:

  • Chemical Service
    If you prefer to clean your own pool and filters, our technician can provide chemical services to keep your water chemistry levels balanced and empty catch baskets.
  • Full Service
    Includes chemical services in addition to brushing the pool walls and steps, skimming the surface, vacuuming if needed and filter cleanings up to 2 per year.

Other pool services we offer:

  • Swimming Pool Repairs
  • Green Pool Restorations
  • New Pool Start-Ups
  • Equipment Repairs
Call: (916) 638-2607

New pool service:

  • Tile Cleaning Services & Repairs
Call for details: (916) 638-2607